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Our medical center is a surgical profile institution which provides modern laparoscopic prodedures for treating general surgery and oncologic conditions. Combined synergy of the district and clinical experience plus completion of international medical courses/fellowships endorsed by American and European Surgical Associations is the unique feature of our team. We understand the challenges and adapt to demands of private medical service. As a result of our forward-thinking we have already undertaken two activities:

The surgical division i.e. CeNTO was created to follow the development of minimally invasive approaches and apply them for everyday practise. Thus, our top priorities: enhanced patient safety, improving surgical outcomes with simultaneous prompt return to normal acitiviy have been feasible thanks to laparoscopy which transformed the surgical world. SEPP was designated to optimize all aspects of patient's cancer prevention, diagnostics and early stage neoplasm detection with curable surgical treatment.
Due to multicenter experience and evidence-based approaches I am convinced that our team meet the highest surgical standards. I encourage everyone to get familiar with our medical service.

MD Dariusz Kania




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